How to Find Your Purpose in Life

I believe that everybody has a purpose. Everybody exists for a reason, and we’re all meant to to contribute to the world in our unique way. Each person is blessed with a unique set of talents, skills, life experience, etc. that enable him or her to do something in the world. That “something” is his or her purpose. … Read more

How to Find Your Why: Purpose & Life Path

How did I find my why? Let’s talk about how to discover your purpose and choose your life path, starting from what’s most important and foundational.

Numerology: Finding Your Purpose & Yearly Theme

Have you explored numerology yet? Today I’m sharing two concepts from numerology called the personal year cycle or personal year number, and your life path number. These numbers are easy to calculate from your birthday, and can give you clues on your life purpose and new year theme.

243: Deconstructing to Reorganize and Build Your Best Life with Anh Lin

While we cannot undo or erase our painful traumatic experiences, we certainly learn from these experiences. In this episode, Anh and Aileen discuss how we can heal from our traumas, the importance of trauma therapy, and use your pain to help you find your internal strength to evolve into the healed and whole version of … Read more

237: Joyce Pring: The Journey of Purpose, Growth, and Showing up for Yourself

It can be tough to figure out your purpose in this life, all while trying to balance a career, motherhood, family, and making time to care for yourself. The journey may be long and hard, and you might get stuck at where to begin.

235: James McCrae on Healing, Exploring Your Shadow & Purpose through Creativity

Creativity and creating is not only “for the talented” as society and our upbringing might have led us to believe. Creativity is a language in itself, a means for expression, exploration, meditation, and healing. Join Aileen as she and James discuss his journey to discover his own unique magic to turn imagination to reality, and … Read more

225: Living with Purpose – Ancient Chinese Wisdom for Modern Times w/ Sylvie Tran

Do you ever feel like there’s something missing in your life? Are you searching for a deeper sense of meaning and fulfillment? You’re not alone. Many people struggle with finding their purpose and understanding their place in the world. In this podcast, Aileen talks to another lavi love Sylvie Tran about her journey to becoming … Read more

How to Know What You Want to Do in Life | Choose Your Career

How do you figure out what you want to do with your life? How do you choose a career path? Today I share all the lessons & factors to help you figure out what to do, as well as how I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

How to Plan Your Life with Numerology: Personal Year, Month, Day

How to use numerology to plan your life!

216: What Your Aura Says About You with Mystic Michaela

Even if you aren’t able to see someone’s energy, you’ve definitely felt it before. Think of times when you’ve met someone new, and was either instantly drawn to them, or immediately disliked them. Everybody has an aura—but not all auras are equal. In this episode, Mystic Michaela, shares all about auras, what they say about a person, their … Read more